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Jewel McKeon
Leading the Way to Success Since 1990

Our Promise to your success!
Our promise is to be the source of growth and development for your business, whether in start-up phase or already established . . . whether for-profit or non-profit . . .whether engaging us to guide you as your "success agents" or choosing our self-directed PowerBoost Business Building modules.

Our Promise to You. . .
Our promise to you is to boldly yet wisely lead businesses to reach their full potential, thereby creating jobs, prosperity and commerce throughout worldwide!

The Common Denominator . . .
The common denominator for all enterprises is to become a business entity that is sustainable and profitable. . . to build a foundation and business legacy that is built on value, quality, excellence and contribution to all we serve.

Guaranteed Results . . .
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our guarantee is exactly that. . .We stake our reputation on delivering results, performance and profits.

Why Do We Say This With Unwavering Conviction?
PwrPt3 has a Legacy of Results!
PwrPt3 has one of the highest referral base (80%)
Our success is verifiable and traces back the direct result of our clients’ success.

Proven Methodologies . . .
Power Point3 has integrated our proven methodologies into an integrative system for business development and success.

By Design . . .
By design, the system develops a recession-proof business and hits the mark without the guess work, without unnecessary or wasted expense and delivers in such a way that you can be confident your team of Power Point 3 expert professionals are leading you on the shortest path to success.

PP3 Buisness Builders are predefined Marketing Packages that offer a complete turn-key Branding, Marketing and Collateral Program. The Builder bundles come complete with all components needed to instantly hit the ground running and to instantly start generating cashflow with your business.

Business Builder Packages are designed to create a synergistic program that allows for each individual package component to sync and excell each additional component contained in that package.

Buisness Builder are designed and priced to guarantee that there is an ideal version to fit almost all budgets. As with any Power Point3 does, we ALWAYS design our products and services to quickly produce a return on your investment.

The Business Builder have been created to produce an in effect creates what we've coined as a POWERshift, or an excellerated rate of success.

Please contact us to learn more about our custom Business Builder Packages and Modules. Options include: Self-Directed Program with or without implementation consultations with Ms. McKeon, complete assistance Business Builder Package to guide you through every step, and a Total Customized Business Builder Campaign under the strategic and creative direction of Jewel McKeon and a team of specialists where needed. Email:

Marketing Strategies are fundamental to any business and are created by identifying the demographics and behavioral buying patterns and general pulse of the marketplace. The strategies are developed with the brand image to move the consumers toward the products or services you are offering. Marketing is the life line for sustainable growth of your business. Marketing strategies determine how to reach your niche in the marketplace.

PP3 evaluates and calculates the most effective methods to reach your potential client as well as to anticipate the future desires, interests and needs. Marketing strategies include a comprehensive marketing plan that addresses the most effective, efficient and cost conscious avenues of marketing in advertising, public relations, networking, distribution and promotions.

Essentially, marketing is the process of creating or directing an organization to be successful in selling a product or service that people not only desire, but are willing to buy. Marketing is a process blending theory, and research that identifies the optimal means of acquiring and equally as important, building retention and expanding relationships with customers that create additional opportunities for increased sales and an influx of referrals.

Powerbranding is a combination of brand creation, development and management strategies which imprint your brand as distinctive. Your brand is the access to the social, psychological, emotional and anthropological windows of the marketplace’s soul. Your brands, if powerfully developed, will can touch these inner most emotions, aspirations and dreams compelling people to be inspired to buy by aligning these powerful triggers to be perceived as the source of fulfilling benefits by acquiring your product or service. Your brand’s effectiveness has little to do with your perceived competition but everything to do with leaving an impression that compels them to take action.

Your brand is a critical foundational element and is one of your most valuable assets. PowerBrand is a methodology designed to determine the exact DNA of your company in order to determine the strategies to reach your target market and build a lasting, ever-perpetuating relationship and awareness of your company, its products or services.

Marketing collateral is all forms of media which communicate and support the sales of your product and/or services. This complement of materials are reinforce the brand image, marketing strategies and create powerful calls to action designed to acquire customers and generate sales with effectiveness. This is a key component for developing your company’s communication plan.

A Few Examples of Marketing Collateral are:

Corporate Identity Material (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelop, Note Cards)
Brochures/Rack Cards/Product Data Sheets)
  Direct Mail Post Cards
  Posters and signs
  Audio/Visual Presentation Collateral
  Email Stationery/Newsletter
  Sales & Demonstration Scripts
  Pocket Folders
  CD Presentations
  All Forms (Inhouse and Client)
  Product White Papers
  Ad Specialties
  Press or Media Kits

Web Development encompasses the development of a website for business development whether for online e-commerce or to drive customers to you offline. The challenge businesses face today is how to not only have a website that is dynamically designed to support your brand image and marketing strategies but also takes into consideration the intricate programming aspects of website. Web development can be simple to complex incorporating a myriad of web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, social network services or intranet requirements.

PP3 looks at the scope, needs and effectiveness of the website, the best hosting options and services and the definitive element for success - the website marketing online and offline. Strategies include search engine optimization, key words, organic searches, visibility, link targets, transformative communication such as blogs and forums.

Public Relations (PR) is the managing of outside communication of an organization to create and maintain a positive image PR is the communication component that builds awareness, education and brand image of a company’s products, services, or initiatives. In other words PR is equal parts art, marketing, image building, and effective visibility.

PR evaluates a product or individual’s public perception through market research and situation analysis. Once data are collected and challenges are identified, solutions are presented in a campaign strategy to meet goals and objectives. Techniques may vary from campaign to campaign but some standard tools used are; press releases, press kits, satellite feeds, pod casts, web casts, wire service distribution of information, publishing of information material and internet placement. Others include entertainment product placement (television, events, celebrity), product launches, press conferences, media seminars, producing events, speech writing, establishing partnerships and community relationships.

Public relations is a vital marketing function in any business entity. An effective public relations plan for an organization is developed to communicate a message that coincides with organizational goals and seeks to benefit mutual interests whenever possible

The PR campaign is designed to expand marketing reach by spreading of information to gain maximum visibility and awareness in the marketplace for a product, person, service, cause or organization, and can achieve massive results with effective PR planning. PP3 identifies the target market and creates press releases that will appeal to that market sector.. The PR Matrix (Distribution Targets) can be a general, nationwide or worldwide audience.

Examples of PR besides press releases are:
  Publicity Events   Talk Shows   Keynote Speeches
  Interviews    Feature Stories   Books   Networking

Creative Design is a partnership between creativity and innovation that generates original ideas, concepts, thoughts, and images take a quantum leap past the ordinary, the mundane, the triteness of old, ineffective ideas and concepts.

The creative process is complex and difficult to capture but it is requires that a multitude of perspectives be incorporated. These perspectives range from behavioral psychology, social psychology, psychometrics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, philosophy, history, economics, design research, business, and management, and trends. Creativity is about New Ideas, New Concepts, New Graphic images. Then it is followed by its partner - Innovation. Innovative thinking applies the new creation of ideas and concepts to into specific communication strategies.

Coaching is a methodology designed to guide, train, teach and hold accountable the leadership, staff, person or group of people, reach their goals, create a powerful corporate culture or develop systems that support the enterprise’s growth and sustainability. Coaching may include seminars, workshops, supervised practice, motivational sessions, support groups. The intention is to add to the effectiveness and success of the business.

Mentoring, on the other hand, involves a developmental relationship between a more experienced “mentor” and a less experienced partner, and typically involves sharing of advice. PP3 has a network of experienced mentors with experience in all varieties of businesses.

PP3 offers all types of printing from full color to 1 color printing. We have cost effective business packages such Starter, Corporate Identity and Professional. Contact us for more information.

PP3 has an established an A-List of printers we use and recommend. Each one provides quality work in the shortest possible time without sacrificing quality. They stand behind their work and appreciate the business we give them. This appreciation is exemplified by the rates we are quoted which amounts to a savings in cost for our clients. We have established printers that will fit every print need we create for our clients whether complex or simple.

PP3 always sends out a competitive bid request to three of the vendors that best fit the needs of the client. This is important in that some times printers are not busy and welcome the work or they have the paper stock or inks on hand at a savings. In addition PP3 is committed to making a difference in our environment and uses whenever possible recycled paper and soy-based inks.
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